First off…if you are possibly wondering, most probably you will, what marhadaab means :/ …well…it’s a recently invented compound word which means hello in Arabic (Marhaba) and in Urdu (Adaab). And no…I’m not a Pakistani from hearing that Urdu is my mother tongue. I’m an Indian, and proud of it! I’m in Dubai, which is in UAE, which is on earth, which is in the solar system, which is in the…ahhh…forget it… 😛 I’ll never get to the end of the list anyways. My friends say that I’m weird…which I think is evident from the name of this website. Linkin Park! 8) And my sweet tooth can never refuse any sort of sweet…except a few. But no sort of chocolate or sour thing can escape from my clutches!That burst of sweet cocoa, that tang, that velvet-ness, that freshness…can’t find the right words to describe both. I would drum my heart out if I had even that weird old set from our school. I can cook your ears…you’d be that frustrated. Everyday I’m piano-ing (does that word exist?) I love my band!!! I love red! (especially blood and cherry reds *evil chuckle*) Well then, I’m done… 😀



One thought on “Marhadaab!

  1. Well, I suppose that was a nice little introduction of yourself. A lot of description of you loving your sweets could have been reduced maybe. Maybe a little more about your hobbies would have been good. Anyways, keep up the enthusiasm!

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