Exams se pehle…

Have you ever noticed? Before exams there are multiple reactions from different people. Here are some of the most common scenes and reactions.

At home: Kid – chilling for 5 minutes after studying for an hour 8)

Mother – What is wrong with you? You’ve just studied for an hour! Why are you taking a break now? Go back to the table and don’t get up for the next one hour. Don’t study and you’ll fail. Oh god! What do I do with you?! (Dramatic ‘nahi’ serial poses) :mad:

At school: An hour before the test: Kid 1 to kid 2 – Listen I have a doubt… (Yada Yada doubt)

Kid 2 – GASP!!! Where was that??? I know the answer…wait!!! I know the answer. Ok, I don’t the answer. I’m going to fail man! (Flips like a maniac through the textbook missing all the pages on which the answer is written)

Both are still chilled out, not really cramming

Super-confident random person – the atomic mass of… friction is created between… (some continued nonsense)

Bell rings, next teacher comes in with the test papers

Class – GAAAAAAAAAAASP!!!!!!!!(Chill, it isn’t Doomsday for such a loud gasp. Save it for a time when you really need it.) :o

3 hrs later…

Kid 1 – Man, I’m flunking the test. I’m doomed; I’m going to get such low marks. (Philosopher coming through people)

Kid 2 – I know right. That was the toughest paper in all of history! (Excuse me? You actually went through all the papers of that subject in history? Weren’t last year’s question papers, sample papers and this year’s sample papers enough?) :/

Super-confident random person – That paper was amazing! I’m getting full! (Second philosopher coming through)

Kid 1, 2 – You are smart so obviously… (Uh… can I ask what’s so obvious? Just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you can become the next Bill Gates….ok, maybe you can)

Few weeks later, during the test paper handouts: Class – GAAAAAAAAAAASP!!!!!!!!(Sigh, some people never learn)

After handing out the papers: Kid 1 – I can’t believe I got full!!! There must be some mistake, I can’t get full. It isn’t possible. (Sure! Go to the teacher, get 20 marks cut and come back! That’s what you want isn’t it?) :P

Kid 2 – I got such good marks! Not as good as you but still!!!(That’s the reaction!)

Super-confident random person – I lost 11 marks! 11 marks! I thought I’d get full here but I didn’t! (Let me take a guess why…Because you crammed like an idiot at the last minute)

Find them familiar? There are two types of people who take tests:

1. Who cram till the last minute, get a bit too confident and think they’ll ace the paper. Result: Shorty got low, low, low, low, low…(Low – Flo Rida) :|

2. Who don’t do any studies, read just here and there, and go bindaas for the exam. Result: They will blackout!!(Blackout-Breathe Carolina) :(

3. Who do studies but don’t take stress and go with the right dose of confidence. Result: They’ll move their body like a cyclone…(after getting the paper back that is)(Cyclone – Baby Bash) :D

4. Who study properly, don’t cram, take a little stress, and go for the exam with a bit of under dose of confidence and come out of the exam hall swearing. Result: There they go, like a shooting star… (There she goes – Taio Cruz) :)

Recognize any of these methods? If so, join the group! :P



Chocolate USB’s??? What next???

Well, that was a really weird sight I saw the other day in class alright. Some group, say X, was presenting their PowerPoint presentation. As usual, the teacher intervened, asking how and where from the group got such wrong information. Well, I was dead bored listening to the teacher’s remarks ;) :P I started trying to get a glimpse at the features of that Sony VAIO kept on the table. OK, OK, OK…I hope somebody else also saw what happened because I don’t think you’ll believe me. Group X’s leader was nibbling on a little bit of her USB. Or…uh…was it a chocolate??? I don’t know, you decide!!!Please comment and let me know what you think! Well, anyways, the group X leader didn’t turn up the next day…or the day after that…or the day…aahh…whatever…she didn’t turn up the whole week. Turned out she ended up nibbling the storage chip of the USB (the whole thing just took place in my mind okay :P). OK…questions…are electronics edible??? Or edibles digital??? :/ confusing…But now we’ve got chickens micro chipped. So we might as well be eating the chip. :o I know the vegetarians are thanking themselves for being so!!! I don’t blame you!!! It’s cool that we can digest metals raw. Remember that weird taste which was there when you ate that barfi. And don’t get me started on malleability. Best part…tell your mom when she goes gold shopping to get a small surgery done. According to a ‘teacher’, there’s 24 carat gold in our body! And there’s also iron in those absolutely delicious choco cereal! Back to chocolate USBs. Now that they’ve invented something like that, I guess it’ll be worthwhile writing to the magnet company to get refillable magic juice glasses that don’t spill even when you turn them upside down! The teacher won’t even be able to suspect you for that terrible that’s-the-last-dreg-of-my-juice slurping noise! ;)