Party poopers

This is dedicated to all the people on this dear planet earth who iritate the crap out of people when it comes to parties, i.e., party poopers. :/

1. This is especially dedicated to those people who plan stuff, invite you, get your hopes THIS high… and then cancel the whole damn plan at the last moment. I’m gonna keep ranting about these people a lot. These people deserve a Nobel Prize for being able to irritate everyone in one shot. Even worse are those people who, just for kicks, invite you for their party, and then, when you’ve bought them a gift and all, call you up the day of the party and say, “Hey, listen… My parents told me they have to cancel today’s plan. There isn’t any party today. I’m so sorry. I’ll try to make it up to you in some way.” And you’re all like, “Oh… That’s okay. It’s your decision, really. I’m cool. Don’t apologize and all. It’s totally okay.” When you show up the next day at school, whoever was invited to the party says, “That was such an awesome party! It’s sad you weren’t able to come. How’s your hand? So-and-so said you couldn’t make it because you hurt your hand real bad.” You’re just standing there, wondering what on earth are they talking about and then you realize. That’s when you wanna beat yourself up (and the person who invited you) and ask yourself why you even associate yourself with such so-and-so’s. I’m glad to say I’ve never faced such a situation, but some people have and I feel really bad for them. I feel even worse for people who do that nonsense stated above because, people, you’re just lowering your reputation. Big time. Even if you do it just once. If more than once, then you, ma cherie, are THE most downtrodden person on this planet earth. Do you plan to keep your reputation up by the time you exit high school?

2. The tardy ones. I admit it, I do turn up late for some parties. NOT all. Some. I’m talking, not about people like me, who show up late for some parties. Oh, no, no, no. I’m talking about those noobs who turn up late for all the parties they’ve been invited to! These people make you wait so long to start the party. Finally, you’re so frustrated and worked up, that when they do you the favor of showing their faces almost an hour later, you want to take the heaviest vase available and break it on their heads. If this is the first time, okay. second, okay. Third, okay. Fourth, okay. nth, Daah! I give up!

3. People who arrive early. If they’re a really close friend or if they’ve specifically told you they’re coming over early to help, it’s cool. Otherwise, why are you so early? I said the party’s at 6. I didn’t say we’re having a “Watch the host decorate her place” show at 5. You’re in my house and my parents are still around, so I am compelled to tell you to sit down and offer you a beverage. If I had it my way, you’d receive a smack across the head and I’d make you do the decorations with me. So if you don’t want to be all sweaty and tired by the time everyone else comes, come ON TIME!!!

4. People who get invited and start whispering among themselves. When you come and sit down, they just giggle and stop. When you say, “What?” They say, “Oh nothing.” And they giggle… again. This is way common when you invite girls. And this I’m saying despite being a girl. Worst part is when you hear your name and you’re like, “I heard my name.” And they say, “Nothing, nothing.” You so-and-so. I just heard my name. I’m pretty sure you don’t just say my name for time pass. Spit it out!

5. People on cell phones. They. Are. The. Second. Most. Annoying. People. Existent. On. Planet. Earth. I cannot concentrate on anything when you guys have got your iPhones and BB’s pinging in my ears. I don’t want you to rub salt in the fact that I don’t have a smartphone. (Yes, I don’t. If I get brilliant marks in my exams, I might just get one 😀 ) It’s annoying when they say, “Can I have your wi-fi password?” You just wanna say, “Yeah sure. I’m so having a phone party here in which we party through our cell phones right?”

Recognize them? Until my next long post…